girl and japanese notesgraphitemoleskine  
Girl with a Chinese Lanternwatercolor and pen & inkanother drawing I did on the way to Japanmoleskine doodle 
I updated the koi. hahahahamore japanese notes. watercolor and pen & inkmoleskine doodles 
Flora& Japanese noteswatercolor and pen & inkmoleskine doodle 
Twins.IIwatercolor and pen & inkmoleskine doodle 
Aware. Still in progressWatercolor and pen & ink 
You're so beautiful and skinny and i love your work, it's so great. Ok, bye. (:

Thank you! I appreciate it :)

me doing what I do best 

Holy Cow!

Thanks to everyone new following me! I’m glad yall enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it! :)

Kara. Re-do.Watercolor and pen & ink2011/2012 
Poppies.Watercolor and pen & ink 2012