in progress.watercolor pencils and pen & ink 
sketch from a photo. just some body movement/figure study. 

I shall take photos of some of my new stuff and post later on tomorrow.

I have to do it when the lighting is apartment SUCKS. :(

On another note…I did not mention how I might be finally selling some of my pieces…WOOT.

The local smoke shop dude and I were chatting a week or so ago, and we were talking about art and what not. Well, it came up that I am also an artist and he told me I should bring some pieces by and he could try to sell them for me.

SHIZAM. that would be rad as hell…lets just get my booty in action and see if I can produce some sell-worthy pieces up. :)



going through your old sketches and artwork

literally me

(via rivaille-heichuo)

my fav. piece out of everything I’ve been working on lately. She is really coming along quite nicely in progress 
escape.watercolor 2012by caitlin wade 
drew this at work. highlighter and pen 
nature dreamswatercolor and pen & inkwatercolor paper2012By Caitlin Wade
still working on this too..watercolor and pen & ink