girl & fishwork in progress 
another work in progress..
just started the watercolor as you see


hello new followers.

you seem to have come out of nowhere haha

welcome and enjoyyy

a sketch that I started last night

Hey Everyone! Just a mini update post…I spent all last week being sick and stuck in my why not use that time to make art? Well..I tried to I guess. It’s a little hard when youre achy and all..:(

But I still need to take photos. Also been doodling at work when I have that’s good. I have been trying to work with different style of watercoloring and going back to my photorealism style but its hard to get back in the groove of super details. I’m not used to it -_-

Anywho, at work currently..bahaha

will take photos later on if I remember to.. :)

Illusion. work in progresswatercolor and ink 
Girl in progress
Pen & Ink
Radio Head & Girl with a fishPortrait still in progress. :) 
Your work has become so solid. It's gorgeous! You have such a great style. I love the portrait you did of yourself. I hope we can do a trade some day and you'll paint me.

D’aww! <3 Thank you so much Whitney! I really appreciate the kind regards. I’m really still trying to hone my skills, ugh it is so frustrating (as you know), as an artist to get everything to look like we perceive it in our minds. But, YES! I would love to do a trade sometime! :D

nature dreamswatercolor and pen &amp; inkwatercolor paper2012By Caitlin Wade 

Radiohead. Lotus Flower Lyrics