about to take some photos of my artz

sorrys for being lame and gone

Oh, and I just realized, we share the same name! Spelt the same and everything :)

A fellow Caitlin! bahaha. Well hello there :D

I shall post soon!

I’ve been working a lot folks


Abbey Lee KershawWatercolor and Pen & Inkwatercolor paper/pad2012by caitlin wade  
Lindsay WixsonWatercolor and Pen & Inkwatercolor paper/pad2012by caitlin wade 

Editing my paintings again…always adding something here and there

I finally started my new job this week. It went well! Met a lot of cool girls and almost finished with my inital training, which is exciting.

I was going to go out tonight with a bunch of my coworkers for one of the girl’s birthdays, but I’ve felt crummy all day (acid reflux and stuff :[ ) and feel super tired. I’m lame. I’m not used to waking up early yet again hahaha

but next week it’s going to get harder cause I gotta be at work @ 6:30am -_-

But I’ll take the weekend to relax and paint, so expect some posts! :D

My phone has been being wicked lame and I’ve been so lazy to take photos of my drawings I’m sorry lovelies! 

I should really update more haha

Metal Mouthpencil and graphite on medium tooth drawing paper2009by caitlin wade 
Ambrosiapencil and graphite on medium tooth drawing paper2008by caitlin wade 
Like An AnimalPencil and graphite on bristol board2009by caitlin wade 
I Feel Regret.Pencil and graphite on bristol board2009 (an older piece of mine)by caitlin wade