How can I improve my blog? Any ideas?

Also started this yesterday.Just a sketch so far but this along with the previous post will both be watercolored after.
pen & inkwatercolor pad 
Another work in progress. Started this the other day. I’ve been working on it off and on for the past couple hours.
pen & inkwatercolor pad
Something I started in Japan.still a work in progress thoughwatercolor and pen & ink2012 

besides tumbling, I have been drawing and painting ALL day.

It feels awesome.

I did not leave the house at all today, so I probably should go out and get some fresh air tomorrow.  I don’t want to get cabin fever -_-

I heard it’s supposed to be in the 70s this weekend. Soooo psyched. I think my boyfriend and I will go for a hike or something or maybe go to the japanese gardens by washington park. 

Who knows. 

Buttttt for now, it’s dinner time and I have a bottle of merlot calling my name. 

watercolor and pen & inkmoleskine doodle 
abstract lines.pen and inkmoleskine 
Lyrics are Bloodstream by Statelessbubble girlpen and inkmoleskine doodle 
More doodles between noteswatercolorMoleskine