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I should update soon….

I have been a little unproductive lately, I did just get back from “vacation” in vermont so I didn’t have much time to doodle.

However, I am heading an in house gallery-art show at work, which is very exciting. I have quite a few participants already, but still need to finish working out the kinks with admin.

But still, it’s a leadership role and the¬†experience¬†is great, especially because I one day hope to have my own gallery :3

I am also helping with the in house zine we have at work. Hoping to get another folks to help to make it a monthly thing instead of the quarterly zine we’ve been doing. So there’s that as well..

OH and, I might be taking on the clothing swap at work as well! One of the other girls who was taking care of it just got a huge promotion, and apparently was pretty stressed about running it previously in the first I mentioned taking part of it to one of my coworkers, but need to contact her personally. I was in late yesterday and out sick today (stupid migraine :[ ) so I need to do that next week.

A whole slew of things in the works so far during 2013.

It’s looking to be a pretty bright future if I keep up on things! :D