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Graphite Portrait on watercolor paper.9” x 12”2010-2013By caitlin wadeInspiration: Photo
Graphite/Pencil Portrait-sketch pad9” x 12”2010-2013By caitlin wade
Pencil/Graphite Portrait-sketch pad9” x 12”2010-2013by Caitlin Wade
pen & inksketchbook 
nature dreamswatercolor and pen & inkwatercolor paper2012By Caitlin Wade 
Aware. Still in progressWatercolor and pen & ink 
Bubble girl. I don’t know if I’ll add more to this or not. 
the triplets.watercolor and pen & ink2011 
dreams.watercolor and pen & ink2011 
green.watercolor and pen & ink2011 
memory.self.watercolor and pen & ink2011 
watercolor and pen & ink2011