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Something that’s been sitting around for a while. I guess maybe I should do something with it?lightyears. awaywatercolor on watercolor paper2012-2013
alone to wanderwork in progressgraphite, pen & inksketchbook
Funk>Gel pen, Pen & Ink, Collagesketchbook2012-2013
Just make believeGel Pen, Pen & Ink, Collagesketchbook2012-2013
Pencil/Graphite Portrait-sketch pad9” x 12”2010-2013by Caitlin Wade
"Smoke Brained"Pencil Portrait-sketch pad9” x 12”2010-2013Still not really finished.By caitlin wade
A sketch for a new acrylic painting I a going to start. Still working out the details and design of her though.
pen & inksketchbook 
girl & fishwatercolor and pen & inksketch book 
galaxywatercolor on watercolor paper2012 
still in progress.
I don’t know if I should add color or ink her up a bit. I don’t want to ruin it by overworking it. meh