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alone to wanderwork in progressgraphite, pen & inksketchbook
Funk>Gel pen, Pen & Ink, Collagesketchbook2012-2013
Just make believeGel Pen, Pen & Ink, Collagesketchbook2012-2013
Graphite Portrait on watercolor paper.9” x 12”2010-2013By caitlin wadeInspiration: Photo
Graphite/Pencil Portrait-sketch pad9” x 12”2010-2013By caitlin wade
watercolor and pen & inksketchbook 
sketch girls and suchpen & inksketchbook 
my fav. piece out of everything I’ve been working on lately. She is really coming along quite nicely in progress 
escape.watercolor 2012by caitlin wade 
nature dreamswatercolor and pen & inkwatercolor paper2012By Caitlin Wade
still working on this too..watercolor and pen & ink